Authors are invited to submit papers describing original developments and new contributions, including recent progress, in the workshop topic areas. Manufacturers are welcome to submit abstracts on new, state of the art, electronic products or systems in the field of electronic technology for particle physics.

Abstracts (100 words long) and summaries (500 words long) without figures should be submitted through the Integrated Digital Conference tool at: indico.cern.ch where more detailed instructions for submission can be found under the “conferences” heading. The summary should be complete and describe the work, its relevance to particle or astroparticle  experiments and important conclusions.

The deadline for submissions is:

      17 May 2007

Abstracts and summaries will be made available at the time of the workshop: These will include papers which were selected for poster presentation either due to an expressed preference or because of time constraints imposed on the oral sessions. The proceedings of the Workshop will be available on the Web and will be published.


Authors are invited to submit their full contribution directly to the indico agenda page indico.cern.ch.

Instructions for authors

PDF file

ZIP file with detailed instructions and LaTeX and MS Word sample files


All authors are asked to fill in the copyright transfer form and send it to
fax No. 00420 257 007 622 or e-mail twepp@amca.cz.