Workshop topics

  • Electronics for Particle Detection, Triggering and Acquisition Systems
  • Electronics for Accelerator and Beam Instrumentation
  • Custom Analogue and Digital Circuits
  • Applications of Programmable Digital Logic
  • Optoelectronic Data Transfer and Control
  • Packaging and Interconnect Technologies
  • Radiation and Magnetic Tolerant Components and Systems
  • Production, Testing and Reliability
  • Power Management and Conversion
  • Grounding, Shielding and Cooling
  • Design tools and methods


The workshop will start on Monday 3 September at 2 p.m. and end on Friday 7 September 1 p.m.

An optional tutorial on robust ASIC designs for hostile environments will immediately follow the workshop on Friday afternoon, 7 Sep 2007 from 13h30 to 17h00. Speakers: Dr H. Casier and Dr F. Faccio

The final agenda is available at