D0 Software and
Data Analysis Meeting
Praha '99

Praha, September 23-25 1999


The D0 Software and Data Analysis Meeting - Praha'99 were held on September 23-25 1999 at Karolinum, Charles University and in the main building of the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Agenda of the meeting - transparencies of the presentations are appended.

Pictures from Karolinum - 1st day of the meeting

Pictures from the Workshop dinner - 'Pivo & Slivovice'
(Organisers thank Lee Lueking for making the pictures.)

Organising committee:

H.Weerts, Michigan State University
N.Hadley, University of Maryland
W.Merritt, Fermi National Laboratory
A.Zylberstejn, CEA/Saclay
P.Petroff, IN2P3
I.Bertram, Lancaster University
R.Beuselinck, Imperial College London
T.Wyatt, University of Manchester
S.Denisov, IHEP Protvino

Local committee:

V.Simak, Institute of Physics, AS CR - main organiser
R.Leitner, Nuclear Centre, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
M.Lokajicek, Institute of Physics, AS CR
V.Vrba, Institute of Physics, AS CR

Petra Krivkova (scientific secretary)
phone: ++420-2-21912475,++420-2-21912437
fax: ++420-2-21912434

P.Krivkova , last update 1 Oct 1999