DØ MC simulations in Prague

Current :   release   p17.09.01_v9
   mc_runjob    v06-05-22



Simulation software Old MC simulation page    !!!
Local software organisation (czech only) Our farm page
Navod k simulacim - OLD !!! (czech only) DØ MC production page
Navod k simulacim - OLD !!! (czech only) DØ SAM
Zmeny ve skriptech (czech only) DØ GRID
Simulace - manual (czech only) D0-MCC mailing listD0-simulation list
        D0 mc_runjob list


Manuals and guides

Running JIM jobs UPS/UPD quick reference card
Production status,   eff. plots SAM quick start guide
Job monitoring List of SAM commands
JIM job monitoring  
Status of job transfer to SAM  

  Last update : Karel Soustruznik, 13th May 2006