Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) is a major series of international conferences for physicists and computing professionals from the worldwide High Energy and Nuclear Physics community, Computer Science, and Information Technology. The CHEP conference provides an international forum to exchange information on computing experience and needs for the community, and to review recent, ongoing and future activities. 

We expect approximately 500 scientists and engineers from all around the world will make the trip to Prague. The conference is organized by an International Advisory Committee, which sets the overall themes of the conference, a Local Organizing Committee responsible for the conference infrastructure and a Program Committee responsible for the content.

The most important HEP project – the LHC project at CERN – will be commissioned in 2008 and should be in massive data production in 2009. The LHC project alone plans the installation of 350 MSI2000 computing power, 150 PB of disk space and 150 PB of tape storage worldwide by the start of 2010.

The Prague Congress Centre is a modern facility on the edge of the city centre. The industrial exhibition and poster sessions will be located in the Conference Center Foyer. Coffee breaks will be held within the exhibition area to maximize the interaction with the participants. Your active participation in CHEP’09 is important to us all. We would like to invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to present your results and prospects and to meet the scientific and engineering community.

We are looking forward to your presence in Prague!
















Lukas Fiala, FZU AS CR