25 March 2009

We offer a choice of tours for Wednesday afternoon. Please, make your choice during on-line registration. The cost of the tours is included in the registration fee/The cost of the tours is indicated and will be added to your registration fee.

TOUR 1: Prague Castle Tour

Price includes: Admission to the Prague Castle circle B and St. Vitus Cathedral, Eng. sp. guide, 2 transfers
Price pp: 960 CZK

This half-day sightseeing tour to Prague Castle - the seat of the Czech President, includes admission to the Old Royal Palace and Vladislav Hall, which was the seat of former Bohemian kings, and to St Vitus Cathedral which originated from the 14th century. You will see St George’s Basilica, the Royal Garden and Golden Lane whose famous inhabitants included the writer Franz Kafka. You will have the opportunity to admire a variety of architectonic styles showing the progress of European architecture throughout the centuries.

TOUR 2: Old Town and Jewish Ghetto

Price includes: Admission to the area of the Jewish Quarter and Old-New Synagogue, Eng. sp. guide, 2 transfers
Price pp: 1 320 CZK

This half-day walking tour will take you to the historical heart of the city – Old Town, which was settled more than 1000 years ago. The tour begins on the Old Town Square with beautiful houses, palaces and churches of various architectural styles and the famous astronomical clock. The tour continues to the Jewish Quarter. The story of Prague’s Jewish community can be traced back to the middle of the 10th century. This tour will visit the evocative Old Jewish Cemetery, which dates from the 15th century, Europe’s oldest Synagogue – the Gothic style Old-New Synagogue, the High Synagogue, the Town Hall, the Pinkas Synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall with its collection of children’s art from the Terezin concentration camp.

TOUR 3: Art-Nouveau Prague

Price includes: Admission to the Mucha's Museum and Municipal house, Eng. sp. guide, 2 transfers
Price pp: 1 008 CZK

This tour invites you to discover the works of the great Czech artist Alfons Mucha (1860-1939). The exhibition is located in the Kaunitz Palace in the very heart of Prague. Municipal House – Prague’s most prominent Art Nouveau building stands on the site of the former Royal Court palace, the King’s residence between 1383 and 1485. The interior of the building is decorated with works of leading Czech artists of the first decade of the century, including Alfons Mucha. There are numerous smaller halls, as well as cafés and restaurants where visitors can relax and enjoy the centre’s flamboyant Art Nouveau decorations at their leisure.

TOUR 4: Pilsner Brewery

Price includes: Admission to the Pilsner Brewery with tasting, Eng. sp. guide, transportation
Price pp: 912 CZK

Plzen is the place where golden lager beer was born in 1842 and ever since the whole beer world has been trying to imitate it. Beers bearing names such as "pils", "pilsner" or "pilsener" number in the hundreds; however, the only original recognized worldwide is Pilsner Urquell. In the Pilsner Urquell Brewery you will discover the secret of this original and will become acquainted with a renowned Czech art - that of brewing good beer.

TOUR 5: Karlstejn Castle

Price includes: Admission to the Karlstejn Castle circle I, Eng. sp. guide, transportation
Price pp: 1 080 CZK

This half-day trip to the 14th century Karlstejn Castle takes you on a tour of a historical site where the crown jewels and personal relics of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV are stored. The castle, surrounded by a beautiful romantic countryside, ranks among the most visited castles in the Czech Republic.

TOUR 6: Scientific Prague

Price includes: Eng. sp. guide, transportation
Price pp: 600 CZK

Prague enjoys hundreds of years of history as one of the most important metropolitan centers as well as religious crossroads right in the Heart of Europe. Geographical position predestined Prague to live dynamic cultural and social life and to become past, current and future center full of rich scientific life. This four hour walk will give you opportunity to get a brief look back at lives of some interesting personalities from many fields of science that were connected to Prague. From historically less well known names let’s remember St. Agnes of Bohemia – foundress of St. Francis hospital for the sick and poor, famous Prague’s executioner Jan Mydlar – aspiring doctor without a diploma, master Albik from Unicov – personal doctor of king Wenceslas IV and professor of Prague University, further let’s not leave out many scientist active around the court of Emperor Rudolph II such as Jan Jesensky (Jesenius) who in 1600 performed the first public autopsy in the countries belonging to Czech Crown, famous astronomer Tycho de Brahe, mysterious Rabi Löw (Yehudah ben Bezalel) or Jan Marcus Marci. Let’s also recall other important personalities of Czech medicine – Jan Evangelista Purkyne, whose statue is placed on Charles Square, and Jan Jansky who first classified human blood into four groups. We will pass by Charles University, formerly German Karlo-Ferdinand University, where, during their studies, Carl Cori met his wife Gerty Theresa. Couple later won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the course of the catalytic conversion of glycogen. We should also mention one of the founders of Gestalt psychology – Prague native Max Wertheimer. Our walk concludes with a visit to Smichov, part of the city where the house of the Nobel Price Winner in Chemistry Jaroslav Heyrovsky still stands.

Cancellation conditions

The following cancellation conditions apply to the cancellation of a tour:

Cancellations received
by 30 January 2009 full refund of the tour fee
(less 750 CZK handling fee)
from 31 January 2009 no refund
Lukas Fiala, FZU AS CR