QA group

Main goals of QA group (Rick's info here, more details here)
QA group meetings    :    Tuesdays at 9AM FNAL time
     QA tools development
     QA data analysis
  • QA tools status slides - Karel on June 25th 2013

QA tools development

  QA code basic info
  • Python GUIs
  • PostgreSQL QA database intro
  Available tasks for volunteers
  • Add PVC extrusions information for given module
  • Make detailed module info
  • Add APD/FEB/other variables histograming for FD
  • Improve histograming by providing a list of modules/devices with the max(min)imal value of given variable
  • Make tool for more complex database queries

QA data analysis
Last update : Karel Soustruznik, 25th June 2013