Our presentations

APS meeting : 19-23 April 2002, Albuquerque
           Alexander Kupco : Jets in the first DØ RunII data (.ps.gz), (.pdf)
New Perspectives 2002, Fermilab, 11 - 13 June 2002
           Alexander Kupco : Jets in the first D0 RunII data
Workshop on Low-x Physics, Antwerpen, September 16-19, 2002
           Alexander Kupco : Final States at D0
TeV4LHC Meeting, CERN, April 2005
           Zdenek Hubacek : Properties of D0 Run II Cone Algorithm
Frontiers of Contemporary Physics III, Nashville, May 2005
           Zdenek Hubacek : Studies of Jet Production at D0
Moriond QCD, March 12th - March 19th 2005, La Thuille
           Alexander Kupco : Latest Jets Results from the Tevatron at Ecm=2TeV
From Colliders to Cosmic Rays, 7-13 September 2005, Prague
           Alexander Kupco : QCD Results from the Tevatron at sqrt{s}=1.96TeV
Low-x Workshop, Lisbon, June/July 2006
           Zdenek Hubacek : QCD Results from D0
XXXIII ICHEP, Moscow, July 26 - August 2, 2006
           Alexander Kupco : Inclusive jet production from the Tevatron
7th RTN Workshop - The 3rd Generation as a Probe for New Physics, Prague, February 8-10, 2006
           Alexander Kupco : Latest D0 QCD Results
Calor2006, Chicago, June 5-9 2006
           Jiri Kvita : Jet Energy Scale Determination at D0
DPF 2006, Honolulu, 2006
           Jiri Kvita : D0 alljets Top cross section
School on QCD, Low-x Physics, Saturation and Diffraction, Copanello, July 1-14, 2007
           Zdenek Hubacek : Jet Measurements at D0
Photon 2007, Paris, 9-13 July
           Alexander Kupco : Proton parton-density-function constraints from Tevatron data on photon and jet production
Low-x Workshop, Helsinki, August-September 2007
           Zdenek Hubacek : QCD Results from D0
Lake Louise Winter Institute 2008, Feb 17-23, 2008
           Zdenek Hubacek : High pT Jets and Photons at D0
Low-x Workshop, Ischia Island, September 2009
           Zdenek Hubacek : QCD Results from D0
APS Meeting: 13-16 February 2010, Washington, DC
           Zdenek Hubacek : Inclusive Three-jet Cross Section at D0
DIS2010, Florence, Apr 19-23, 2010
           Zdenek Hubacek : Inclusive dijet final states at D0
           Zdenek Hubacek : Evidence for high mass exclusive dijet production in the D0 experiment
Workshop on Jets in Proton-Proton and Heavy-Ion Collisions, Prague, August 12-14, 2010
           Zdenek Hubacek : Jet Results from D0
23rd Rencontres de Blois, Blois, 29th May - 3rd June 2011
           Karel Soustruznik : Measurements of the Top Quark Mass at the Tevatron
DIS2012, Bonn, March 26-30 2012
           Karel Soustruznik : Top Quark Production at D0