Open access strategy

The open access policy relates currently only to publications and to 1% of limited data sample. The Colorado State University website ( allows browsing over the events collected since 2004, and is updated daily. The collaboration recently started a discussion how to open the data in a more extensive way and how to respect needs of the contributing countries at the same time. The sharing of the most interesting data with IceCube and Telescope Array led already to several publications.

Access strategy

The access to the services of the Observatory, namely data and software tools, is open to any member of the collaboration at the same level. The data can be retrieved from the central servers and the data flow is organized to be as efficient as possible. Concerning the access to the Observatory site in order to perform necessary instrument maintenance or to participate in data taking shifts, there is a clearly defined policy, designed specifically to guarantee maximal safety of the user and the Observatory staff and to avoid any damage to the valuable equipment. It is important to minimize risks related to the work at distant places. Policy is also specified to minimize risks of damaging sensitive and expensive parts of the Observatory during data taking and maintenance. Outside experts and experts from different scientific disciplines can ask the Collaboration Board and the management of the Observatory for permission to access the facility or data; these requests are regularly evaluated at the meetings of the Collaboration Board.

Recently, the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Pierre Auger Observatory, the Telescope Array and IceCube was signed. This MoU establishes the general rules for data sharing and for publication of the common results. It formalizes the existence of common working groups between the experiments formed by the interested members of the Collaborations.

Protection of intellectual property rights

Issues related to the intellectual property are based on the agreements between the participating institutions of the Pierre Auger Observatory. The risk of the occurrence of any problems due to a dispute of the authorship or other intellectual rights is rather negligible, and we have not yet experienced any of such problems within the current collaboration. According to the documents that define the handling of the data, the Publication Committee is responsible for publication of data and the use of R&D results and the Technical Board evaluates the R&D proposals.