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Following information concerns the time schedule of the conference and transportation to and from Kroměříž.

For the participants arriving by the airplanes on August 9 there will be a student with the ISMD logo waiting at the Ruzyně airport (close to the exit from the inner secured area) from about 9 AM. Participants who will arrive directly at Kroměříž railway station or Kroměříž bus station (from Vienna, Cracow, etc.) can contact the ISMD organizers who will bring them to the conference venue by car. The contact mobile phone numbers to be called are +420 731 245709 (Alice Valkárová) or +420 724 082846 (Miloš Pachr). These people can also be called in the case of any troubles or difficulties. The mobile phone number of the chairman of the ISMD organizing committee Vladislav Šimák is +420 602 706721.

1) The first stop of the conference bus will be at 1:00-1:15 PM at the parking place of hotel Diplomat, Evropská 15, Prague 6 (very close ~100 m to the metro station Dejvická, line A). The bus will collect ISMD participants who will not arrive to the Ruzyně airport. The second stop of the bus will then be at the Prague's Ruzyně airport at 1:30-1:45 PM. The bus will wait for the participants arriving by plane at 1:10 PM.

2) Those who have announced their arrival later than 1:10 PM (7 participants) will be awaited by person with the ISMD logo and will be taken by three cars (Miloš Lokajíček, Imrich Zborovský and David Salek, all are members of the ISMD organizing committee) to Kroměříž.

3) The conference bus from Budapest to Kroměříž will depart on August 9 after closing of the Quark Matter conference (~2:00 PM). More accurate information will be given at the Quark Matter by ISMD organizing committee members.

4) The departure of the bus from Kroměříž to Prague will be on August 15 at 1:30 PM. The expected arrival to Prague is at about 6 PM.

5) A small bus will be organized in the morning for the participants who need to leave from Prague on August 15 early afternoon.

6) We obtained some payments where we cannot identify the name of the participant. If you are not sure that your name was not explicitly written on the bank transfer, please, bring with you the note from your bank.

7) We would appreciate if speakers could bring their talks on memory sticks. PC projector and overhead projector will be available.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please, see the additional travel information for the details concerning the time schedule of the conference and transportation to and from Kroměříž.

The town of Kroměříž is located in South-East Moravia, about 170 km from Vienna and Bratislava, 260 km from Prague and Cracow and about 360 km from Budapest. The nearest large international airports are Vienna (VIA), Prague (PRG), Bratislava (BTS) and Cracow (KRK). There is also possibility of more close local airport at Uherske Hradiste which is served by budget carrier Flight Line and has direct connection to Prague twice a day.

A conference bus will be arranged in the afternoon August 9 to bring participants from Prague airport to Kroměříž. Details will be posted once the travel schedules of participants are known.

For those unable to use the conference bus, regularly scheduled commercial service is offered either from Prague, Viena, Bratislava, Budapest or Cracow. Train from Vienna or Bratislava to Kroměříž takes approximatelly 2-3 hours, from Prague 4-5 hours and from Budapest or Cracow 5-6 hours. More details are available at http://www.idos.cz or at http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de.

Please note that immediately after ISMD 2005, on August 15-17 at the same place the Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy will take place. Participants of ISMD 2005 may want to arrange their travel plans as to attend both meetings. More details about the workshop can be found at WPCF. On August 9 in the afternoon we will organize bus transportation from Budapest Quark Matter 2005 conference to Kroměříž for participants of ISMD 2005.



In order to obtain Visa to Czech Republic, we need to know the information listed below.

Name of participant:
Date of birth:
Passport number:
Name and address of the institution:
Arrival and departure date:

Please, copy, fill and send the required information to the ISMD 2005 Organizers.

Important advice and information about obtaining Visa for travel to the Czech Republic is available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Republic.

General advice: ACT EARLY!