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on Multiparticle Dynamics 2005


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(updated August 14, 2005)

August 9, Tuesday

16:00-21:00 Arrival and registration
19:30-20:30 Dinner

August 10, Wednesday

7:30-8:30 Breakfast and registration
8:45 Opening session

Morning session: Soft interactions
Organizers: I.Dremin and N.Xu
9:00 Strangeness and Charm Probes of QCD Matter (talk) Huan Huang (UCLA, USA)
9:25 Multiplicities and Multiplicity Correlations from PHOBOS (talk) Gunther Roland (MIT,USA)
9:45 Latest results from RHIC on Multiparticle Production from Au+Au, Cu+Cu, d+Au and pp Collisions (talk) Rachid Nouicer (BNL, USA)
10:05 Elliptic and radial flow in high energetic nuclear collisions (talk) Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt, Germany)
10:25 Charm Production at RHIC (talk) Xin Dong (USTC, China)
10:45 Coffee break
11:05 QCD coherence and particle correlations in Z0 hadronic decays (talk) Eddi de Wolf (Antverpen, Belgium)
11:25 Soft and Hard Jets Igor Dremin (LPI, Moscow, Russia)
11:45 On similarities in Multiparticle Production in Nuclear and Particle Collisions (talk) Edward K.G.Sarkisyan (OPAL, CERN)
12:05 Multiplicity difference between Heavy and Light Quark Jets Revisited (talk) Fabrizio Fabbri (INFN, Italy)

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session: Soft physics (cont.)
14:00 Cronin effect at RHIC (talk) Ming Shao (USTC, China)
14:20 Spin Physics at RHIC (talk) Bernd Surrow (MIT, USA)
14:40 Statistical Hadronization (talk) Giorgio Torrieri (McGill, Canada)
15:00 Strange particle production Physics at HERA (ZEUS,H1) (talk) Leszek Zawiejski (DESY, Germany)
15:20 Coffee break
15:40 Charm Collectivity and parton Thermalization in High Energy Nuclear Collisions (talk) Kai Schweda (Heidelberg, Germany)
16:00 BEC from "inside" (talk) Oleg Utyuzh (Warsaw, Poland)
16:20 Gluon dominance model (talk) Elena Kokoulina (JINR, Dubna)
16:40 Pt correlations in pi+p and K+p Collisions at sqrt(s)=22 GeV (talk) Yanping Huang(China)

18:30-21:00 Welcome reception in Květná zahrada

August 11, Thursday

Morning session: Fluctuations and Correlations
Organizers: E.de Wolf and R.Lednický
Chairman:E.de Wolf
9:00 Study of order parameters through fluctuation measurements by the PHENIX detector at RHIC (talk) Kensuke Homma (PHENIX)
9:20 Latest Cu+Cu results and comparison to "regular" Au+Au data at RHIC (talk) Sergey Y.Panitkin (BNL, USA)
9:40 Chiral symmetry restoration, opacity and the RHIC HBT Puzzle (talk) John G.Cramer (Washington, USA)
10:00 Energy and rapidity dependence of electric charge correlations at 20-158 GeV beam energies at the CERN SPS (NA49) (talk) Panos Christakoglou (UOA-CERN)
10:20 Boost-invariance and multiplicity dependence of charge balance function in pi+p and K+p collisions at sqrt(s)=22 GeV (talk) Na Li (NA22, CERN)
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Phase-space density, coincidence probabilities and Renyi entropies in multiparticle production (talk) A. Bialas (Krakow, Poland)
11:20 Entropy analysis in pi+p and K+p collisions at sqrt(s)=22 GeV (talk) Zhiming Li (NA22,CERN)
11:40 On the Measure of Dynamical Event Mean Transverse Momentum Fluctuations (talk) Jinghua Fu (Beijing, China)
12:00 Multiplicities in DIS and DDIS (H1+ZEUS) (talk) Benoit Delcourt (H1, Saclay)
12:20 On the high order multiplicity moments (talk) K.Fialkowski (Krakow, Poland)

12:40 Lunch

Afternoon session: Jet physics
Organizers: J.Chýla and Ch.Royon
Chairman: W.Kittel
14:00 Top Physics (talk) Jochen Cammin (FNAL, USA)
14:30 Particle production and saturation (talk) Cyrille Marquet (Saclay, France)
14:55 Jet Physics at Tevatron (talk) Rick Field (CDF, USA)
15:25 Coffee break
15:40 Totem physics scenarios at the LHC (talk) Risto Orava (CERN)
16:10 Review on alpha_S (talk) Markus Wobisch (Fermilab,USA)
16:40 Forward Jets at HERA (talk) Leif Joensson (Lund, Sweden)

17:30 Excursion to the castle and Gallery
19:30 Visit of the wine cellar of Archbishop of Olomouc

August 12, Friday

Morning session: Jet physics (cont.)
9:00 Jet Physics at HERA (talk) Mark Sutton (London, GB)
9:30 Energy Flow and Leading Neutron Production at HERA (talk) Wenbiao Yan (DESY, Germany)
9:55 Jets in photoproduction at HERA (talk) Kamil Sedlák (Prague, CR)
10:20 CGC phenomenology and RHIC physics (talk) Larry Mc Lerran (BNL, USA)
10:50 Coffee break
11:10 Experimental results at RHIC (talk) Timothy Hallman (BNL, USA)
11:40 Verification of z-scaling in pp collisions at RHIC (talk) Mikhail Tokarev (JINR, Russia)

12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session: Particle Propagation in Dense Matter
Organizers: C.Gagliardi and J.Rak
14:00 Surface Emissions from the RHIC Fireball: Quark Coalescence and Emissivities (talk) Scott Pratt (Michigan State University, USA)
14:30 What do we learn from Flow Measurements at RHIC (talk) Roy Lacey (SUNY Stony Brook, USA)
15:00 Study of Back-to-back Jets in Au/Au and Cu/Cu Collisions in PHENIX (talk) Jiangyong Jia (Columbia, USA)
15:30 HBT Story at RHIC (talk) Mike Lisa (Ohio State University, USA)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Low Q2 partons in pp and AuAu Collisions (talk) T.Trainor (Washington, USA)
17:00 Jets Topologies from two and three particle correlations (talk) N.N.Ajitanand (SUNY Stony Brook, USA)
17:30 What do we learn from strangness production study in Pb-Pb at SPS (talk) Ladislav Šándor (Košice, Slovakia)
18:00 Relativistic diffusion model and analysis of large transverse momentum distributions (talk) Naomichi Suzuki (Matsumoto, Japan)

18:30 Dinner

August 13, Saturday

Morning Session: Astroparticle Physics
Organizer: J.Pinfold
9:00 First results from the Auger Experiment (talk) Simon Robbins (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
9:35 PICASSO Direct Dark Matter Search Experiment (talk) Claude Leroy (University of Montreal, Canada)
10:10 Educational Cosmic Ray Air Shower Arrays around the World (talk) Richard Soluk (University of Alberta)
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Astrocollider Physics - Astroparticles and the LHC (talk) James Pinfold (University of Alberta)

Morning Session: Heavy Flavors and Identified Particles
Organizers: J.Rafelski and K.Šafařík
11:30 Production of Heavy Flavor States at CDF (talk) Mario Campanelli (Univ.of Geneva,Switzerland)
11:55 Heavy flavor production results from D0 Run II (talk) I.Ripp Baudot (D0)
12:25 Lunch

13:30 Excursion to Olomouc

20:00 Dinner

August 14, Sunday

Morning Session: Heavy Flavors and Identified Particles
Organizers: J.Rafelski and K.Šafařík
9:00 Heavy flavors in high energy ep interactions (talk) Meng Wang (DESY)
9:25 In-Medium formation of J/Psi as a probe of charm quark thermalization (talk) R.L.Thews
9:45 Charm and J/Psi production in NA60 (talk) Hiroaki Ohnishi (CERN)
10:05 Phi production in NA60 (talk) Michele Floris (INFN, Cagliari, Italy)
10:25 Coffee break
10:45 Measurement of heavy flavor and Identified particle production at RHIC (talk) An Tai (UCLA, Los Angeles, USA)
11:05 NA49 results on hadron production: indication of the onset of deconfinement? (talk) B.Lungwitz (Frankfurt, Germany)
11:25 Stopping and the K/pi horn (talk) B.Tomášik (Niels Bohr I., Denmark)
11:45 Results from NA57 (talk) Roman Lietava (Birmingham, GB)
12:05 Lepton flavor violation and new physics scale (talk) G.Kozlov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

12:20 Lunch

Afternoon session: Small x-Physics and Diffraction
Organizers: H.Jung and V.Khoze

Experimental observations
13:30 Factorization/factorization breaking in inclusive scattering at HERA (talk) B.Straub (ZEUS)
13:55 Factorization/factorization breaking in diffraction at HERA (talk) Sergey Levonian (H1)
14:20 Factorization/factorization breaking in diffraction at Tevatron (talk) K.Peters (D0)
14:45 High Pt Suppression at Forward Rapidities (talk) C.Ristea (BRAHMS)

Theory (factorization)
15:10 Factorization in ep (DIS & gamma-p) and pp scattering A.Bialas (Krakow, Poland)
15:30 Coffee break
15:50 Possible saturation effects in k_t factorization at HERA and LHC (talk) N.Zotov (MSU, Moscow)
16:10 k_t factorization and quark production from the Color Glass Condensate (talk) Hiro Fujii (Japan)
16:30 Rescattering effects and Calculation of the survival effect in pp scattering processes (talk) Alexander Kupčo (Prague)
16:50 Non-linear kt factorization: new paradigm for hard scattering in nuclear environment (talk) N.N.Nikolaev

Multiple scatterings and modeling of gap suppression
17:10 Multiple scatterings in ep/pp and AGK rules (talk) J.Bartels (DESY)
17:30 Multiple collisions and final state properties G.Gustafson (Lund, Sweden)
17:55 Nonlinear aspects of QCD dynamics at high energy (talk) Robi Peschanski (Saclay, France)

19:30 Conference dinner

August 15, Monday

Morning session: Small x physics and diffraction (cont.)

9:00 Pentaquarks (talk) Michal Praszalowicz (Krakow, Poland)
9:30 DPE Higgs production at the LHC (talk) Marek Taševský (CMS, Prague)
10:00 Coffee break

Special session
10:20 Diffraction Theory, Quantum Optics and Heavy Ions (talk) Roy J.Glauber (Harvard, USA)
11:00 Closing talk (talk) A. Bialas (Krakow, Poland)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Departure of bus to Prague